The Lost Species

From Microsoft’s Cortana to Apple’s Siri, Artificial Intelligence is dominating us in ways we can’t imagine. We’ve almost lost the very consciousness that once made us organic humans. Sadly, the world today is highly polarised, divided, and radicalized than ever before where every single ideology is enforcing itself as if it’s a divine mission. Obsessed with the ruthless capitalist system, mankind is being blind to the very existential threats such as Climate change and Nuclear war which we’ve been underestimating for decades now. Interestingly, the current global crisis of COVID-19 has badly exposed capitalism as an unreliable economic system.

At one extreme a minor elite is busy exploiting masses with its self-centered agendas, on the other, the working class is divided with hatred to an extent that their unity isn’t quite visible at least in the near future (thanks to the hate mongers). Furthermore, having the resistance weakened, the exploiters install their most loyal puppets in action to execute what’s already in their pipeline. Today, we’re being led by ultra-nationalistic right-wing leaders whose narrow world views ruin the lives of millions under their pathetic rule. Rather than stepping forward to minimize the threats, our pseudo policymakers disinform masses with quick fixes in order to divert their attention from real issues.

These all together serve a single purpose to deprive the majority of their basic rights and create a useless class out of them. This will ultimately lead to a highly polarized world with the superhuman elite having nothing to care about the class under an identity crisis. In this regard, it’s essential to give this risk a second thought before we fall into its inescapable trap. It’s not something out of reach, we can still at least delay it if not reverse completely.
In conclusion, we must ask ourselves a basic question of where we as humans are heading today? An unbiased analysis shows a minor elite rushing towards technological heaven, meanwhile making the majority obliged to serve its vested interests.




A passionate storyteller, critical thinker and curious learner.

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Saif Saddiquee

Saif Saddiquee

A passionate storyteller, critical thinker and curious learner.

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